Chrome Plating in Automotive and Household Industries

In recent decades, chrome plating has become one of the most popular metallic finishes available, and it is widely used in several industries. The automotive industry is the single largest consumer of chrome plating, which appears on trim and accessories for many cars and motorcycles.Other industries have been picking up on this trend, and chrome plating is now utilized for household fixtures and fittings as well, and even fishing lures. In recent years, chrome plating is available in satin finishes also. Satin chrome is a good aesthetic match for stainless steel and aluminum finishes.Chrome is both attractive and durable, and as such, it has become a staple finish in the automotive industry. At one time, steel was used for car bumpers and body parts; however, it was later discovered that plastic was lighter, cheaper, and easier to manufacture.The only problem with plastic components was that they were not as shiny and attractive as metal parts. During the 1970s, this problem was solved with the advent of a technique for electroplating plastic components with metallic finishes, thereby offering all of the advantages of plastic parts, as well as the beauty of metal. Chrome trim was always more popular in North America than in other parts of the world, and reached its peak usage there during the late 1980s and early 1990s.It has steadily increased in popularity in other areas of the world as well; its popularity has risen by 50% in Europe, since 1993, and has almost doubled in the United Kingdom during the same period. Chrome plating’s resistance to oxidation and corrosion, its ability to withstand environmental extremes, its ease of care, and its ultra-bright specular finish make it an ideal plating material for automotive trim and accessories.Components can come from the factory already chrome-plated, or they can be plated by the consumer after vehicle purchase. There are many companies which specialize in electroplating, and many automotive finishers which specialize in just chrome plating. Aside from its other advantages, chrome plating is also advantageous because it saves consumers time and money in searching for and purchasing new parts for their vehicle, as damaged or worn parts can simply be re-plated instead of being replaced.This process is more cost-effective than purchasing a new part, and also reduces waste and, therefore, environmental impact.Household fixtures are often plated with chrome, because they require many of the same qualities of vehicle trim. Bathroom fittings, doorknobs, handles and many other household items are often plated with chrome.Before chrome, these items were sometimes plated with silver, copper or brass but they were difficult to maintain. Silver plating tarnishes, copper plating corrodes, brass plating is prone to verdi gris corrosion;chrome plating is as aesthetically pleasing as other metals, if not more so, and doesn’t have any of the disadvantages of these other metals.The versatility, beauty, durability and easy cleaning of chrome plating have made it one of the most popular metallic finishes. It is particularly popular in the automotive industry, but it has been becoming a more popular finish for household fixtures and other applications as well. Chrome’s durability, resistance to wear and beautiful finish have made it a popular choice for a variety of applications, including house-wares and automotive components.

Automotive Air Filter Proper Cleaning Instructions

Automotive air filters have to be cleaned regularly to maintain the quality of their performance and to prevent building up of dust and clogging the cabin vents. It’s also important to remember how clean the air-filters properly so they won’t be ruined.First of all, be careful in removing it from the car to not spread the dust buildup in it and to be able to clean it more easily. Place it carefully on the floor, then spray your cleaner on both sides of the filter. The K & N Air Filter Cleaner comes in a kit already so if it’s your first time clean it, you won’t have a problem about what to use and how. After you’ve sprayed both sides with the cleaner, leave it for about 10 minutes so the filter can absorb the cleaner and for it to loosen the dirt on the cleaner. However, don’t let it dry in the cleaner.After 10 minutes, rinse the cleaner off the automotive air-filter. It’s recommended to use a cool water and a low-pressure one. If you’re using a hose, flush the water from the clean side of the air-filter up and down until all traces of dirt and cleaner are gone. If there are still portions of dirt visible in any part of the filter, you can repeat the process of cleaning.After rinsing the filter and making sure there aren’t traces of either cleaner or dirt in it, tap it gently to remove the excess water then let it dry naturally. It’s important to make sure that it’s completely dry before proceeding to the next step. When the filter is already completely dry, it’s time to oil it. Remember to apply the oil only on the dirty side of the filter. The K & N Cleaner comes in two containers, the spray bottle and the squeeze bottle. If you’re using the squeeze bottle apply the oil along the crest of the pleats. If you’re using a spray bottle, make sure you spray an equal amount along the pleats of the filter. Leave it for 20 minutes, and make sure that the color is even on the entire dirty side of the filter.Before putting back the automotive air-filter, do a last inspection about the color of the filter and if there are any damages present. If everything looks right, follow the installation instructions that came with the kit when you bought your automotive air filter.

The Evolution of the Automotive Lift

Automotive lifts or car lifts can be found in all automotive repair shops and in home garages across the globe. We all can assume that as long as we have known, a professional automotive shop or garage will invest a considerable amount of money in car lifts, and other automotive equipment because of the growing demand in the service and repair business. We have seen a steady increase in the automotive repair business in the past few years. Consumers are more likely to service or repair their vehicles now, rather than look to purchase a new one.With the evolution of technology, the evolution of the automotive lift has also changed. The importance of car dealerships, car rental businesses, shipping business, quick lube stations, and auto body shops to invest in more advanced and reliable lifting solutions is a necessity to keep up with the demands of technology and that of the consumer.Consumers are always changing the way they shop, and the way they save money. For this reason, the evolution of the car lift has caught the eyes of the dedicated home hobbyist who is looking to service their own pride and joys, and at the same time maximize their storage space in their garages. No longer are car lifts priced as high, and some are specifically designed for the home user while keeping efficiency, convenience, speed, and most of all safety in mind.But buyers beware, because although safety is a main concern, there are still many cheaply designed lifts out there. Safety should always be a priority, especially for professional use. It can be a daunting task to find the best car lift for your business or home car garage, but with the internet at your finger tips, time and a little research will considerable help you with your decision. And you are off to a great start, as you are reading about the evolution of the automotive lift.There are many different styles of car lifts, and some more popular than others depending on their applications. What you will find when doing your research is that their are 2 post car lifts, 4 post lifts, single post lifts, in-ground lifts, scissor lifts, alignment lifts, parking lifts, portable lifts, and mobile column lifts all having their unique design, purpose, and use. Again with all these choices it is very important to keep safety in mind. With the evolution of the automotive lift there have been standards defined to make sure the consumer is kept safe. Manufactures have put their products through certifications that meet these specific standards, and a consumer can identify a certified lift by the ALI/ETL certification sticker on a lift. You can have piece of mind know that an ALI/ETL certified lift has gone through rigorous testing for operation, safety, speed, and efficiency. This will help choose the best auto lift for your home or business.There are other factors you will have to take into consideration before making your final decision. You will have consider where the lift is going to be installed, the requirements of the lift installation, measurements of the bay or garage, measurements for the ceiling height, lifting capacity, and finding a professional installer. Also of great importance is the PSI for the concrete, and the location of the power supply relative to where the lift will be. All these factors will aid in your investment as a home hobbyist or professional automotive business.